A.L.F.  His life, his work and his dirty underpants.

A.L.F. fell in the electronic cauldron since he’s born. He discovered music thanks to radio cassette recorder and the record deck stolen from his father (who found solace in drink since then).

Combining tape collage, improbable sound generators (such as the moo box) and sound effects from radio advertisements, A.L.F. ventures from the end of the 80s to do what school psychotherapists call “sound terrorism”.

Among the numerous stupid things committed during his adolescence, A.L.F. tries one hand at DJing. His influences spring from the techno movement (UR, R&S, Reload, etc.).

At 16, he discovers the dirty underpants, sex and LSD. He quits school and does one bit to buy his first Technics, with which he goes to various musical events, more incongruous the ones than the others.

In 1999, the first compositions are born and A.L.F. joins the association “Shadow Outposté with Bioxyd, Post-Logiq, Shore (Party Harders) and EVE-Line. They organize electro-alternative parties together (Indus, experimental, drill’n’bass, breakcore, electronica, …) with artists such as  D’Arcangelo, Silk Saw, Seal Phuric, Somatic Responses, Luke Vibert, Rawakari, Otto Von Schrirach, Mike Dred and Hecate. They also created a free magazine called “Shout”.

In 2002, he joins the E25 Corporate project, created a few years before by Deleete (Pandead records). Together, they offer a hard live act (hardcore and breakcore) which has notably been remixed by Xanopticon.

In 2004, A.L.F. releases his first record, « Killing Breaks », under Bioxyd’s Belgian label: Puzzling Rec. This release is common with Bad Feng Shui, a member of Herrmutt Lobby. In the same year, he meets Swiffer, a hip-hop DJ who introduces him to Turntablism.

While parties follow on one from another, for Meet Music Magazine, where he realizes DJ equipment tests.

Since then, A.L.F. has soiled from his presence more than fifteen records under various labels (rec, etc.).

In 2007, he creates his own label in association with Lou Rider. He uses it to release his record “The Stockholm syndrom orchestra”. He thinks it’s his best record, and that he’ll even do worse next time.

At the same time, he opens a record mastering studio, the only place in Belgium where you can realize both the mastering and the matrix record.

Nowadays, he is the stage manager of the prestigious but dilapidated “Grand théâtre de Verviers”.

Next to all these activities, he makes a point of honour of participating at special events where free access and sharing are advocated: rave parties.

For more information about A.L.F.’s offences, please read PRESS.